Dazzle Server

Server fixed!

we are very sorry for the inconvenience this had caused but the server is now back, up and running.

1.8 Is Ready!

The server is now up and running and now supports all the goodies found in the 1.8 update! We are still tweaking some plugins and perks so that they will work just as well as they did in 1.7 so some things like the server store won’t be available at this time. We hope to have everything moving smoothly by next week.

-The Server Team

Check out our added locations to the spawn! These include The Wild and Mob City! We are also constructing a new city called skyland which is a special world just for Donors and up!

craigpinchin said: What's the texturepack on the new store pictures? Ps: it's banana_chief

Thanks for asking. The texture pack is called Ryanime_complete_64 texture pack. You can find it on planetminecraft!

Our YouTube

Make sure to check out our youtube channel where we will be posting updates, tours, and gameplay of our server!

Check out our brand new store!

Created by ethanishere, austindahost, and davidmaccumber

Check out this sick photo I took of The Main Office being struck by lightning!

Photo Credits: ethanishere

Check out our brand new spawn and Nether support!

Here are some of the beautiful creations from the people on our server!

Check out the finished Capture The Flag Arena!

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